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Your Rights When Buying Online

But all this does not mean that the laws do not protect consumers in the vast majority of everyday transactions, including online purchases. Your rights, which are included in the consumer law, include the following.

  1. Identification of the seller: the ‘ecommerce’ companies operating in Spain are obliged to publish data on their company name, NIF and contact information.
  2. Forms of payment: the law establishes the collection of additional charges for using a specific payment method. The websites have to offer us to pay as we prefer (card, transfer, PayPal), without charging a surcharge for it.
  3. Deadlines and delivery: if the delivery conditions are not specified on the website during the purchase, the maximum period to deliver a product purchased over the internet is one month. If this deadline cannot be met, the buyer must be notified and he will decide whether to proceed with the operation or if he gives up, and that should not entail an additional cost. In case of unjustified delay, the buyer can claim to be returned double the amount paid.

4.Withdrawal: the user has 14 days to desist from the purchase of a good or service without having to justify the reason, and the amount must be returned within 14 days after the withdrawal. If this information is not visible during the purchase, the term is extended to 12 months.

  1. Guarantee: the guarantee of a product purchased over the internet is the same as if we had bought it in a physical store, that is, two years. In the first six months, the guarantee is exceptionally strong because it is assumed that the defect is of origin, unless the seller demonstrates otherwise.

If you buy certain goods

Since it is not the same to buy a book as a yogurt (it is already possible to buy both in the same online store), it is good to know that some products are not covered by the right of withdrawal.

  • Personalized items or commissioned to measure, such as a garment or some photographs that we send print.
  • Items that deteriorate or expire quickly, like most foods.
  • Items sealed for health or hygiene, once we have unsealed them, such as underwear or makeup.
  • Other sealed issues, such as CDs, DVDs, video games, computer programs … once they have been unsealed.

In these cases, you cannot return them within a period of 14 days after the purchase without giving a justification, although you can claim if the products are not those that you bought or are not in excellent condition.

The Popularity Of Online Shopping In The World

About four out of five Latin American users (82%) have made purchases on the Internet in the last year, which represents a vast majority. And through what devices did they do it? Even One can do online shopping for any type of requirement s.a. Derailleur Hangers

More than 95% purchase from a desktop computer, although also, to a lesser extent, smartphones, tablets and consoles are used. The technological modernity has arrived, yes, but at the time of doing shopping, nothing better than the comfort of the PC. True?

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The behavior is consistent with what happens in the rest of the universe of these surveys: users in the United Kingdom, United States, Russia and Germany are also large consumers of gifts, clothing, electronic devices and other goods, with their percentages of 72, 2%, 68%, 65% and 60% respectively.